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The Past, Present and Future of Near-Death Studies
Bruce Greyson

This presentation will summarize Dr. Greyson’s perceptions of the past, present, and future prospects for near-death research. He will begin with a review of the past 40 years of near-death research, including a discussion of the problems inherent in studying these phenomena and the strategies that have been invoked by researchers both in approaching this complex field of study and in pursuing this research within the constraints of mainstream science. Dr. Greyson will then review the current state of near-death research, focusing on what we have learned in the past four decades and outlining which research strategies have proven fruitful and which have yet to provide significant insights. The presentation will conclude with his impressions of promising avenues for the next 40 years of near-death research, concentrating both on research strategies that seem to offer the best prospects for scientific advancement and on the particular facets of near-death experiences whose investigation may offer the greatest benefits to science and to humanity. Dr. Greyson is one of the Founders of IANDS and is called by many “the father of NDE research”. He is the most-published of NDE researchers in academic literature.  More about Bruce Greyson

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